Russian Carvings

     Our carvings are from wood. They are made and decorated by hand by the artists who live in different parts of Russia. Some of them are professional artists, others are "professional amateurs", who carve beautifully, but have other professions. In between the people we work with there are doctors, architects, nurses, interior designers and even lawyers, who carve and paint... PROFESSIONALLY! You can read about some of the artist we work with on our web site - Russian artists. We praise their talent and wish them and their families the best of luck!

Carver and artist are two people participating in the creation of one wooden figurine. The carver receive the commission to make a carving from the artist, who usually get an order for one or another work in advance. Then he decorates - paints - the carving. It could take months ro carve one work. When experienced carver and painter are involved the work could cost thousands of dollars. "Time is money" can be directly associated with this art.