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     Nesting dolls with images of different animals on them are very popular and highly collectible. Majority of the nesting dolls carry images of cats: girls with cats, girls with cats in the basket are the most popular ones. Village girls are decorated with bright shawls and traditional clothes. Some dolls depict Ruissin people playing musical instruments and cats are close by. People of all ages love animals, are fond of nature. While browsing this collection you can enjoy short videos of some of the beloved animals which fascinate us all every time we see them - giraffes, rhinos, lions, snakes, frogs... With these clips we want you to pay attention to the high level of similarity of our product to the real animals. We thank Russian artists for that and hope that you will love and buy these funny nesting dolls - authentic, original, painted by hand and imported from Russia! If we do not have what you need we can make it for you!