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"Gustav Armfelt", Russian Wooden Collectible Santa, s39, 8"

This Santa is crafted by hand: carved out of linden wood and painted with acrylic. Workshop "Skazka", Moscow, Russia. Unique in decoration, limited in carving figure.

SKU: s39
Retail Price: $489.00

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"Santa is Coming", Unique Composition, s96, 45"L x 20"W x 18"H

This composition is carved intricately and in great detail out of linden wood (the logs were drying outside the carver's house in the village of Bogorodskoye for almost four years to wind out moisture). Santa's gown is painted with watercolor and acrylic paint (the base color pattern is of watercolor which then is mixed with acrylic and special glue substance). The decoration of the gown of Santa is of high finesse and is executed by a dot technique where every single bubble of paint on the gown of Santa is actually a brush stroke... and there are literally hundreds if not thousands of them on his clothes. The designer and the painter/decorator of this museum quality flawless exclusive one of a kind work is N. Rasskazova. The carver of the animals: Ivan Petrov. The carver of the sled is Semyon Rastorguyev. 

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"The Winter Lover", Russian Unique Wooden Collectible Santa, s101d, 20"H

This Santa is carved by hand out of one huge piece of log which was drying for more than three years to assure that it is dry and can be used for carving. Santa's face is calm and serene and wise, with blue eyes. There are intricate painting of winter scenes masterfully painted in acrylic. There is another painting on the front of Santa. A museum quality, one- of a kind piece. Absolutely stunning and great for Home decor!
19.5"H x 9"W x 5"D

SKU: s222
Retail Price: $2,499.00