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"Snowman Guena", Russian Unique Wooden Carving, uc15, 23"

This Snowman figurine is uniquely crafted by hand: intricately carved out of linden wood (which was drying outside for more than four years, winding out the moisture from the log). It is painted by master artist N.Karpova with watercolor and shows scenes of Russian village life. Astonishing details of the decoration! The Snowman Guena, or Gennadiy (for some reason Russians call frequently snowmen in Russia by this name) is welcoming guests with Russian samovar (an urn witch boils the water, carved and attached separately), and Russian traditional tea snack - baranki (Russian donuts-but dry). Unique. 23"H x 13"W x 8.5"D The height of the figurine without samovar is 20.5".