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"Adam Balla", Russian Santa Carving, s83, 7"H

This Santa is crafted by hand: carved out of linden wood with big bag on the back decorated with a Russian winter scene and troika and painted with acrylic. Workshop "Viktor", Sergiyev Posad, Russia.

SKU: s83
Retail Price: $229.00

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"Sergei", Russian Santa, s111, 9.5"

A small but very nicely done Santa in walking position. His gown is painted in unusual gold and green colors and his bag is decorated with Russian winter scene and troika. Nice and affordable. Great gift for any occasion!

SKU: s111
Retail Price: $290.00

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"Ivan Aklechev", Russian Santa, s113, 9"H x 8"W

"Ivan Aklechev", Russian Santa, s21d, 9"H x 8"W x 4.5"D

This Santa is carved out of linden wood standing on the sleigh with Snow maiden and painted with acrylic paint. He is decorated with a winter scene on the front. Flawless work! A rare piece.

SKU: s113
Retail Price: $489.00

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"Juvenaly ", Russian Santa, s125, 10"

"Juvenaly of Alaska", 10", art. Kozlova. This Santa has a Russian troika, masterfully painted on the front of the body. Santa's gown is decorated in flowers and spring themes, with a traditional wool Pavlovo Posadsky shawl, frequently used by Russian villagers. 

SKU: s125
Retail Price: $269.00

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"Yemelyan Pugachev", s17, 9"

This Santa is a traditional Russian Grand Father Frost, or Ded Moroz (Santa Claus). It carries a wonderful Russian winter scene and famous troika in it!. It is called after Yemelyan Pugachev", a famous slave who revolted against the regime of Katerine the Great in 1770, gathered the army of peasants and threatened several major cities. Finally was captured and died a cruel death.

SKU: s17
Retail Price: $249.00