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     Nesting dolls with the image of snowman painted or carved on the doll  are very popular. Russians love winter. Celebrating Christmas, New Year Eve and Russian pancake week Maslenitsa as well as other festivals during the cold part of the year are only few in between other festivities which are loved by Russians and celelbrated by them. One of the main characters of winter along with Russian Ded Moroz (Santa Claus) and Snow maiden is a snowman. This fictious character in Russia as well as in other countries is made of three balls of snow, when the snow is closed to its melting pot. Every ball is just rolled until it becomes rather big and could be installed one above the other. Russians love decorating snowman with hat, gloves and sometimes even with clothers. He is given a carrot as a nose. His eyes are installed with the pieces of coal. A neighbor can donate a scarf for fun.  And the snowman is ready to go for the joy of adults and children alike.

     Alkota Russian Treasures imports as many styles of snowman nesting dolls as we possibly can locate on the Russian market. But the quality of each piece comes first. Some of them are made in some quantities, others are one-of-a kind pieces, no- or limited repetition. What ever the amount of copies is, the quality is always high in comparison with what our competitors sell. Frequently as soon as one artist releases his new version of a snowman nesting set, he is immediately copied by others. Well, copyright laws do not govern on the Russian market of handcrafted product. Yet! In our collection you can find snowman dolls, which are covered by glossy lacquer, or not shiny (mattfinish) barnish.. Few sets have snowman carved on the round surface of the doll, which of course is more comlicated and time consuming work!