Wooden Guardian Angels

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"St. Michael", Wooden Guardian Angel, an3, 9.5"H

This wooden angel figurine was handcrafted in Russia: carved from linden wood and painted with acrylic. Nice quality, limited.

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"Seraphim", Guardian Angel Wooden Figurine, a31, 8"

This guardian angel is carved out of linden wood and painted in acrylic. Russia.

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"Abdiel", Russian Wooden Guardian Angel, o98, 4.5"

"Abdiel", angel of Faith, 4.5", art. Alya Kmitrakova, Moscow, Russia. Alya is  a professional talented artist, who invented her own style of decoration of wooden santas and angels. She traces the subject matter with the pencil on the wood, burnes the traces and then paints the burned subject matter. A scrupulous, arduos and hard work!  As a result she delivers unique high museum quality pieces...

Angel Abdiel is an Angel in the Bible first mentioned as a mortal ( Bible Reference Book of Raziel) . Abdiel resides in Gilead. In John Milton's epic poem " Paradise Lost" Abdiel appears as the only angel remaining faithful to God by refusing to rebel at the request of Satan.

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