Baba Jaga (The Witch)

Baba Yaga, the witch is a fictional character popular in Russian fairytales. Initially she appeared in Russian bilini and then through Russian folktales - into the fairytales. She is portrayed as a negative character, but no so negative to hate her or to be afraid of her. She is "partially bad" . She always threatens children and says that she eats them, however she never does in Russian fairytales. She uses her groom to do "bad" miracles, travels in the barrel during the night and befriends other dark forces, such as Kaszhei Bessmertniy. She lives alone in the forest in the hunt staying on the chicken legs. Her hunt can turn around, so she can see who is approaching. Frequently she abducts little children, but alway those children are spared from death and are saved by good characters. Those characters always comprise people and animals, who stand on the side of good morale, kindness and fairness.