"Khokhloma painting"

        "Khokhloma"  painting was born in the beginning of the 17th century. Icon painters, as well as other carvers and artists as a part of large religious movement called "Old Believers" fled Moscow adn other cities to avoid the persecution for their faith. In order to survive in remote areas like Olenevo Skete (in Nizhni Novgorod district of Russia) they created a craft of wooden carving and painting. They produced wooden furniture, gifts and toys and painted them in bright red and yellow leafs and flowes. The first items were very eye catching and became popular. That kind of wooden craft got the name of "Khokhloma".

        In the 20 century, when the production of this craft was organized in the factory "Khokhloma Painting",  the nesting doll  with same pattern of bright red and yellow leaves and flowers which later got the name of the place- Semenovo doll, became an important part of the production.Russians love "Khokhloma" - its unusual design, its complete functionality and bright painting patterns. Every other Russian household carries "Khokhloma" pieces  for decoration.

Some of the pieces we carry have "Khkhloma" design on the. Have a look at the beautiful music box "Khokhloma" painted in traditional way. There is a series of "Semenovo" dolls which we sell very well all the year round.