Zhostovo is the word which is known by many people in the world, especailly by people who know and love Russia, its history, people, and obviously -Russian traditions. Zhostovo as a name appeared in the remote times when a small village of Zhostovo appeared on the map of Russia in the early 16 century, or maybe 14 century, or ...- now nobody can tell for sure.  Nothing happened in the village of Zhostovo until the early 19 century when villagers started to paint flowers on metal trays. They showed quite a talent and developed this folk tradition further, converting it at some point into the form of art - painting on metal trays. Later people were fascinated by this art and the result it produced - beautiful multicolor trays with flowers on them. People loved them and the art developed more and more... It became one of the symbols of Russia, such a significant was that form of painting for evolution of the Russian Arts.

     Now Zhostovo techique of painting is a form of painting which is studied in Fedoskino School of Art. The painters are majoring every year and can't cover the demand for these specialists. This art is popular in Russia!. It is also popular in other countries of the world. The painters from Great Britain, USA, France, Spain, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and some others study the art of "Zhostovo" in the boundaries of the national Society of Decorative Painters. Not long ago only in the USA hundreds of painters were involved in learning Zhostovo technique. For a number of years our company had the honor to organise a number of Zhostovo seminars in different states of this country. Marina Domnikova, a highly trained professional artist and decorated painter (Popular's Artist of Russia) from Russia, a very charismatic, kind and hardworking woman taught those seminars. She left warm memories and deep knowledge of the subject of Zhostovo painting in more than a hundred students she had taught.

Zhostovo style of painting is used practically on all the forms and types of jewelry we carry - barrettes, pins, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.