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     Are you a Collector looking for a rare Russian Santa, Russian nesting doll or another Russian unique gift?  Are you a retailer searching for reliable quality, a broad variety of Russian Crafts and fair prices?     If "Yes", this site is your place to shop. "Alkota Russian Treasures " is the importer of unique and limited editions of Russian Santas, Nesting Dolls, Lacquer Miniature Boxes, Wooden Animal Carvings and other Christmas collectibles and souvenirs from Russia. Our merchandise is of high quality and rarity - real Russian Treasures!  We will show you what we have in our amazing Treasure trove of wonderful Russian Santa Clauses, which we call Ded Moroz, Russian nesting dolls -Matryoshka, lacquer miniature boxes, Christmas ornaments, and more. We will guide you through exquisite Russian Gifts and Collectibles  handpainted by Russian artisans, wooden and unique! You are minutes away from discovering museum quality authentic Russian hand crafted wooden treasures!

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