About us

You can contact us any time by emailing at alexa381@icloud.com or by phone (847)899-0000.

Alkota  "Russian Treasures" focuses its business on import–export operations with Russia, importing to the USA limited editions and unique styles of handmade merchandise of the highest museum quality - carved and painted nesting dolls Matryoshka, Santa Claus figurines Ded Moroz, lacquer boxes from Russian major lacquer miniature schools Fedoskino,Palech, Kholui, Mstyora, wooden hand painted eggs, hand painted in Sofrino monastery Orthodox icons, birch boxes, paper-mache and mother-of-pearl hand made jewelry, Pavlovsky Posad wool shawls and wooden toys from the village of Bogorodskoye.

. This year we are expanding our activity to meet the rising demand for Russian authentic unique wooden Gifts and Collectibles- purely Russian, one of a kind and made by hand.
Besides selling our goal is to bring you interesting information (pertaining to the product we offer) about





Since many of you probably have collectibles from Russia, you already know something about what you bought. We hope that the data we present could be of interest and instigate your desires to learn more about our beautiful country, the talented artists and what they craft, many of whom - for living.

Our  Motto is "Luceat Lux Vestra".

It is a phrase mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew. It means "Let Her Light Shine".

The "Light" is  Russian thousand-year-old Culture, reach in heroic and genius achievements of our ancestors in art, architecture, literature, music, poetry.  We want it to Shine and let the American and world collector enjoy highly valuable, precious and museum quality masterpieces Russian artists carve and paint.

The "Light" is the talent of Russian artists and carvers, shining for the world.  We want it to continue doing that for generations ahead.

Our Logo is the Coat of Arms of Russia.

We are from Russia.  The merchandise we sell is made on the basis of historical, cultural, artistic and spiritual traditions of Russia. They go hundreds and hundreds of years back to the medieval times, as the Coat of Arms does. Russian craft was constantly changing, reflecting different, sometimes tumultuos and trying times it was created and lived in. The same, as the Coat of Arms did. So, our logo, the Coat of Arms is the symbol of who we are, what we represent and what we cherish selling.

We accept returns.