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With Burning

     Russian Santas with burning is a special collection we treasure.The artist's name is Alya Dmitrakova. She invented the design of these Russian Santas when once while she worked as usual decorating the walls of the kindergarten for the New Year's  Eve she was fascinated with wooden figurines she had seen prepared to be given as New Year's presents.  She just thought how nice it would be to make them sparkle so the children would see it in the evening while waitng for Santa Claus. But how? "Yes!" by burning the structure of the wood and then applying the special sparkling substance to already burned subject matter.

     That is how it started. Now Alya is the author of dozens of different styles of Russian Santa Clauses with their character, style, shape and look. Every one of them is a unique creation with no repetion at all. Initially she traces the subject matter with the pencil creating the initial scenery, then burnes the traces she makes through the magnifying glass and then paints. If you look at any of Alya's Santas you will se how detailed the scenes are. The characters's faces are real, typical Russian and beautiful. After Santas Alya created a whole collection of guardian angels, anumals and more! The real talent has no boudanries or limits!