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With Children

    According to old folkloric tradition Russian Santa - Grandfather Frost - bring presents to the good behaved children and actively participates in Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations. Russians love to get presents from Russian Santa - Ded Moroz. That is why they call him kindly Dedushka Moroz, using the diminutive form of the word ded (old Man). Russian Ded Moroz usually appears in traditional red long heel length gown decorated in flowers, sometimes furs, wearing a fur hat and walking with a long and big staff. Russian Santa is accompanied by his granddaughter Snegurochka, who wears blue and silver robes with sometimes a crown shaped kokoshnik (head-dress) on her head. It is a tradition to paint children and families on carvings.  In Moscow and Sergiyev Posad, main centers for wooden craft, there are several artists who specialize in painting children on Santa carvings. Usually these works are one-of a- kind and of high value. These artists are scarce and the their painting professionalism is high. It is really difficult to paint in watercolor on the round wooden surface of the carving.