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Christmas Ornaments

     The tradition of hanging Christmas ornaments on the Christmas tree came to Russia probably from Europe with first Christmas trees, when Peter the Great ordered to use those to celebrate the coming of the New Year. The first Christmas ornaments were primarily out of fabric and composed of little fabric dolls and other toys available in the people's houses. However Europeans, especially Dutch, Italians, French who worked in Russia on the contracts, were bringing ornaments with them. That brought to life the first Russian ornaments, copies and imitations of the European ornaments from wood, porcelain and fabric.
      Later in the 18th century Russians developed the production and broadely used their own Christmas ornaments, and not only from fabric, but also from the metal and wood. Since tilia (linden wood)wood was in abundance in Russia and the relative easiness to carve on it this material became the prime subject for making Christmas ornaments in Russia. However in the beginning Christmas ornaments were expensive and practically affordable only to rich people. Initially they were not painted, but only meticulously carved, resembling different objects in the households as well as domestic and wild animals. Later the paint was used. By the beginning of the 20th century dozens, if not hundreds, of Christmas ornaments were hanging on Russian families' Christmas trees. We hope that you will like Russian wooden Christmas ornaments that we carry, because they are a part of Russian history, Russian culture, Russian character. Many of our Christmas ornaments are named after Russian Saints, who demonstrated during their lives their willingness to help people and strived to glorify their country.