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With Nativity

      Russian Santas with nativity are very popular. Russian Ded Moroz usually appears in traditional red long heel length gown decorated in flowers, sometimes with furs, wearing a fur hat and walking with a long and big staff. Russian Santa is accompanied by his granddaughter Snegurochka, who wears blue and silver robes with sometimes a crown shaped kokoshnik (head-dress) on her head.
      Ded Moroz's popularity on the one hand, and religious beliefs of Russian people made it possible and then common to paint Nativity scenes as well as Guardian angels on the front and back of Russian Santas' carvings. The variety and intricacy of carvings are very vast. The quality of painting is different. There is an alarming trend today -  painters are leaving this field. As a result the price of professional work - paintings of Nativity scenes on wood  - goes up. Russians believe in Guardian angels. Russian Orthodox Church teaches that every person in birth acquires a Guardian angel (angel-guardian, as Russians call it) who accompanies him through life. That is why carvings of Russian Santas with guardian angels are very well accepted and are of high collectible value for Russian people.