Music Boxes

Russian music boxes are handcrafted in Moscow in the shape of St. Basil Cathedral and painted with different scenes from Russian fairytales and landscapes. They play traditional music. Imported by Alkota

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"A Friend of Christmas", Russian Musical Box, mb17, 9"H

This music box is crafted by hand: made out of linden wood with a musical mechanism inside (a tune from the "Nutcracker" ballet), and painted with Russian winter scenes.

SKU: mb17
Retail Price: $149.00

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"My Christmas Tree", Russian Musical Box, mb20, 12"

This Musical Box is completely crafted by hand: made out of linden wood and painted with acrylic. It is decorated with individually produced toys, masterfully glued to the body of the tree. Limited, 12"H. When music box base (black on the bottom) is turned on the Christmas tree starts rotating and playing the tune "The Christmas tree".

SKU: mb20
Retail Price: $170.00

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"Zhostovo", Russian Wooden Music Box, , mb9, 10"

Music Box "Zhostovo", 10", workshop of Svetlana Burmicheva, Moscow, Russia. This music box is painted by hand. It is shaped as Saint Basil Cathedral, one of the most famous historic buildings in Russia erected by orders of Ivan the Fearsome in 1561 in order to commemorate the victory of Russian troops over Khazan Khanate, the last threshold of Tatar Mongols on Russian land.

SKU: mb9
Retail Price: $149.00

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"Jean de Traversay", Russian Music Box, mb11, 14"

Santa "Jean de Traversay", 14". Art. Shmakov

SKU: mb11
Retail Price: $169.00