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With Troika

Russian Santas with Troika (three horses pulling a sled) are traditionall and very popular.  In Russia, Unkraine and some other slavic cultures Russian Ded Moroz is traveling in a three-horse sled called "Troika". The name derives from three horses (in Russian). in Russia troika appeared in the middle of 17th century initially by order of Russian Tsar Alexei Romanov to improve the mail delivery across the country - roads were bad, distances were long and mail was delayed for months if not for years.

Since all three horses were pulling a sled (or a carriage) and  were harnessed abreast, one horse in the center was trotting and two on the sides cantor, it allowed to develop higher speed ( up to 40 miles an hour on the snow), and the situation with mail delivery considerably improved. Later troika became popular and became the most beloved means of transportation during festivities - weddings, celebrations, religious holidays. It became a warm and kind tradition to paint troika along with winter scenes on Russian Santas as a symbol of Russia and its rich history.