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"Santa with Nativity", Russian Santa Figurine, s33, 13.5"

This Santa is crafted by hand in Russia (workshop "Viktor"): carved out of linden wood and painted with acrylic.

SKU: s33
Retail Price: $850.00

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"Vladimir of Kiev", Russian Unique Wooden Collectible Santa, s214 , 21"H, Unique

A beautifully carved Russian Santa from solid linden displaying craftsmanship at its finest.  In the front, Santa's snow-white coat and majestic hat are exquisitely detailed with mother of pearl filigree on an intricately dusty gold background of leaves and wintry flowers.  The colors of the coat change whimsically when you turn the Santa around.  A striking sight meets your eyes - bold red, beige and gold colors interweave in a complicated and rich pattern that is nostalgically reminiscent of the clothing warn by the Czars that ruled Russia in the past.  The Santa holds an ornate staff in one hand, and a ssquirrel in the other.  His face is chiseled to perfection, radiating kindness and good will.  Signed by the renowned artist, Natalia Rasskazova, this piece is unique in its imposing stature, the complexity and balance of the work, and the fine hand carving.

 Unique. The full size: 16.5"H x 11"W x 7"D. Solid linden wood, 5.5 years of linden drying before carving.

 He is named after "Vladimir of Kiev", a Russian saint, who was a prince of Novgorod, great prince of Kiev and ruler of Kievan Rus for 35 years (980-1015). Originally pagan Vladimir christianized Kievan Rus.

SKU: s214
Retail Price: $5,500.00

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"The Winter Lover", Russian Unique Wooden Collectible Santa, s101d, 20"H

This Santa is carved by hand out of one huge piece of log which was drying for more than three years to assure that it is dry and can be used for carving. Santa's face is calm and serene and wise, with blue eyes. There are intricate painting of winter scenes masterfully painted in acrylic. There is another painting on the front of Santa. A museum quality, one- of a kind piece. Absolutely stunning and great for Home decor!
19.5"H x 9"W x 5"D

SKU: s222
Retail Price: $2,499.00