"Day's Eye", pi9

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"Day's Eye", pi9

"Day's Eye" is a round paper mache pin, painted by hand in Russian village of Zhostovo, famous for its flower painting patterns. Daisies are very popular flowers in Russia.

Primarily known as the symbol of childhood innocence, this charming wildflower is said to originate from a Dryad who presided over forests, meadows, and pastures. According to Roman mythological legend, the nymph Belides, as she danced with the other nymphs at the edge of the forest, caught the eye of Vertumnus, the god of the orchards. To escape his unwanted attention, she transformed herself into the flower bellis, which is the daisy's botanical name.

Similar in appearance to some chrysanthemums, daisies continue to be associated with simplicity and modesty — two characteristics carried over from Victorian times. A well-known practice originated with heartbroken Victorian maids who wished to be loved once again by their suitors. A maid would pluck a daisy's petals one by one, chanting, "He loves me, he loves me not," for each petal pulled. Of course, it was the last petal that predicted the situation's outcome. More...

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