The Crow And The Cray Fish

"Uhu" said the crow again, without opening his mouth.

"However, although they were good people," said the crayfish,
"they were not like you."
"I think that there is no one in the whole world
cleverer than you!"

Liking these words so much,
the crow began croaking at the top of his voice.
And the crayfish fell into the lake!!



A crow flew over the lake.
He saw a crayfish lying there.
The crow grabbed the crayfish 
and carried him into the forest,
He wanted to sit on a branch somewhere and have breakfast.
The crayfish saw that he was in big trouble!!

"I knew your father and mother, and they were good people." 
cried the crayfish.
"Uhu" said the crow without opening his mouth.

"And I knew your brothers and sisters as well.

"and they were also good people!" added the crayfish.